Tribal Build, Integrate, and Test System

TriBITS Overview

The Tribal Build, Integrate, and Test System (TriBITS) is a framework designed to handle large software development projects involving multiple independent development teams and multiple source repositories which is built on top of the open-source CMake set of tools. TriBITS also defines a complete software development, testing, and deployment system supporting processes consistent with modern agile software development best practices.

The primary development site for TriBITS is the TriBITS Github Site. The TriBITS Github site manages the git repository, includes issue tracking (bugs and new features), and manages pull requests which allows TriBITS developers and users to submit changes and additions to TriBITS. See details on contributing to TriBITS.

TriBITS Documentation

  • TriBITS Overview Slides (PDF): This is a short overview presentation for TriBITS.
  • TriBITS Overview Poster (PDF): This is a 4'x4' poster providing a high level overview of TriBITS (contains some of the same material as the above presentation).
  • TriBITS Developers Guide (PDF): This document describes how a TriBITS project is laid out and how to use the features of TriBITS to add new packages, libraries, executables and tests. It also describes how to set up automated pre-push and post-push continuous integration (CI) testing.
  • TriBITS Project Build Reference (PDF): This document described how to configure, build, test, install and deploy software that uses TriBITS. This particular document is a generic form of a document that every concrete TriBITS project should generate for their project.

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